Special Issues in Business Law and Transactions


The aim of this course is that the skilled students will gain greater knowledge of issues of commercial law. Given that the economic and legal science are closely related to face and resolve issues of accounting and doing business within and outside the national borders, this lesson should be taught because:

  •  There are many forms-types of cooperation agreements in commercial business, with special arrangements and legal details.
  •  Expanding business in Greece and abroad is an economic phenomenon necessary and imperative and the students will have to know how to achieve the expansion of the company and its functioning (tax regulations, applicable law, etc.).
  •  The specialist scientist-professional careers should know the legal framework about E-commerce and electronic transactions, providing products and services via Internet, the rights and obligations of the parties and ways to protect the buyer and the consumer.
  •  Finally, in the area of the healthy competition is necessary to be taught the law of free and unfair competition and particularly the legal methods of sale of goods, the provisions of unfair advertising and unfair trade practices, the protection of business and market from unfair and illegal methods and the overall distortion of competition.

Indicative Course Content
Within this course graduate students will be taught the rules and the legislative framework for:

  •  the expansion of businesses in Greece and abroad,
  •  franchising, factoring, leasing contracts
  •  the contract of "exclusive representation”,
  •  the liquidation of enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the commercial and tax law.
  •  the rules governing electronic commerce and electronic transactions
  •  the law of free and unfair competition with an emphasis on unfair advertising and unfair trade practices,

All these issues will be approached and analyzed by the side of Greek Law and European law.

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