Accounting Information Systems

New technologies have contributed to a rapid evolving environment in accounting information systems, pressing all organizations to follow recent trends, in order to remain competitive. The course focuses on the interpretation of accounting data editing and on the control tests which are applied in order to verify the correctness and the reliability of the system’s input data.
The objective is to thoroughly study the terms of accounting information systems, their development process and their administration as well.
 The course’s goal is to provide students with an overview of the design methods, the applications, the operation and control of the accounting IS, as well as to elaborate on the usefulness and the effectiveness of accounting Information systems.
Indicative Content
This course is about sharpening knowledge and studying in depth the application of accounting IS, as they emerge through the dynamics of an economical, technological and social context (market globalization, organization decentralization, radical ICT changes, etc)
Using accounting Information systems is evaluated over reaching the business goals and over their contribution to the planning and the control functions of a company.
First, the basic terms and meanings of accounting Information systems are introduced. Next, the course will proceed by presenting Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems, which include Knowledge-based accounting Information Systems and Accounting Decision Support Systems. In the final part of the course, the International Accounting Information Systems are described. As long as for the practice component, students will become familiar with real business information systems and they will have the chance to experience ERP, CRM, SCM environments.
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