Corporate Governance - Internal Audit

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the essence of corporate governance and internal audit in the contemporary business environment. Besides being taught the relevant legislation, practical corporate governance issues in listed and non listed companies are analysed, while also introducing the function of the Board of Directors Committees and Corporate Social Responsibility. By introducing also issues relating to the internal audit procedures, the student will acquire an overall knowledge of the need for transparency and control in the firm, while also attaining knowledge and abilities so as to be able to fulfill the needs of a similar post in the future.

Course content
Introduction to Corporate Governance. Legislation and rules. The contemporary management framework and decision making after the adoption of corporate governance rules. Introduction to Auditing and the business environment. Internal function rulebook. Understanding internal audit, design and implementation of methods. Statistical sampling. Concluding the audit and audit reports.

Coursework 25% and written examinations 75%.
Indicative bibliography
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