Statistical Research Methods

The course addresses both theoretical and empirical foundations for developing skills concerning the research methods and the data analysis of field research data. It focuses on the practical application, on hypothesis testing and on diagnosing and interpreting the results.
Should a student attend the course, he/she should be able to:
• Design a research proposal
• Collect and present data
• Develop hypotheses for quantitative and qualitative data as well
• Develop univariate and multivariate regression models
• Interpret results
• Apply clustering techniques and data dimension reduction methods

 Indicative Content

• Types and objectives of a thesis
• Overall structure of a thesis
• Literature overview
• Collecting data - sampling
• Data analysis – presentation
• Modeling and hypothesis development
• Non-parametric methods
• Correlation and multiple regression
• Timeseries
• Nominal and Ordinal data analysis
• Statistical quality control
• Multivariate data analysis

 Indicative Bibliography

• Coakes S., Steed L., Price J., 2008, SPSS 15.0 Analysis without Anguish, Wiley
• Carles Dimitris, 2005, Multivariate statistical analysis, Stamoulis publications (In Greek)
• Ryan b. Scapens, R. Theibald M., 2000, Research method and methodology in finance and accounting, Academic Press.
• Course notes

Students may deliver additional homeworks to succeed in the course.