The main objective of the Program is the deep and integrated study of the multisided field of international economic transactions and the designation of accounting and  auditing as an important discipline towards that goal. In essence, the program aims to exploit the tools of accounting and auditing as a vital requirement for the effective economic development activities in the wider international arena.


Specific objectives of the Program are:
  •  To promote the knowledge on these subjects.
  • To advance the research in related scientific areas of the Program.
  • To produce competent scientists, able to pursue an academic career.
  • To fill the needs for trained business executives in the private and the  public sector.
  • To provide  the necessary high-level knowledge for efficient and effective management of human and financial resources.
  • To support the growth of interest and understanding of the increasingly complex and dynamic international business environment.
  • To train the workforce for  the development of Greek enterprises both at home and abroad.
  • The training of managers for public organizations.